GIS is at the core of my experience
working with & exploiting data.

Raster, 3D, Vector, Point Clouds, Networks, Meshes, REST & Web Services

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Spatial Analysis

Modeling geographic phenomena through advanced spatial analytics has been and remains an integral part of my professional role.

Custom JavaScript Web Applications

Creating focused web applications that respond to user interaction, scale appropriately, and tell an interesting story are important. I have experience developing applications like these from scratch while utilizing the WebGIS framework for the data management piece.

Enterprise Architecting

Determining user needs and responding to requirements are vital. Providing feedback on how clients communicate with server infrastructure allows me to pass along knowledge regarding how the web can be effectively leveraged.

Python & Raster Analytics

Using the Python Scientific Stack to extract actionable information from raster and lidar data is becomming increasingly prevalent. Writing syntactically correct code that works with imagery on a frequent basis has become important for me as a Solution Engineer.

GIS at the Web, Server, Mobile, & Application Tiers

A Comprehensive Summary of My Skills.

  • Raster & Imagery

    Raster Datasets, Compression, Mosaic Dataset, Drone, Satellite, FMV, EXIF, Lidar, Analytics, AI & ML.

  • The 3rd Dimension

    CityEngine, Maya, Blender, MeshLab, Scene Services, Point Clouds, Meshes.

  • Development Projects

    JavaScript, Node.JS, Python, ArcGIS API for JS, REST API, ArcGIS API for Python, Fastai, Keras API.

  • WebGIS

    ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, Web Servers, XML, JSON, Postman, Client-Server Communication.

  • Mobile GIS

    Web Applications, Native Applications, Full-Suite ESRI Mobile Solutions, GNSS, GPX, Networking.

  • Workplace Skill

    Forward-Thinking, Self-Aware, Motivated, Entreprenurial, Dedicated, Presentation Acumen, Team.

GIS as a platform

Keeping abrest of changes in the field is important and has formed the central theme in my professional career.